case study 1


G&M Services - Case Study 1

Heat Transfer Pipe Installation Isle of Grain

(At the time on construction this was the biggest `Green Project` being undertaken in the world)


Excess hot water from the boilers at the 3 new Grain gas fired units is to be pumped 1.5KM to the National Grid Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Isle of Grain importation site.

At the moment LNG is delivered to site at -164 degrees Celsius it is then pumped to the Phase 1 (4 Vaporiser units) & Phase 2 (6 vaporiser units) where it is heated up (a process afforded by burning of the product) it is then odourised and sold to the consumer.

It is proposed that under the new scheme the hot water from the Grain gas fired boilers will supply the energy required to heat the LNG.

The demineralised water will then be held in two separate holding Ponds (1on Phase 1 and 1 on Phase 2). Until such time it will be pumped back to the boilers at Grain.

The scope of work included:

Above and below ground earthing

Design and Installation of over 2.5Km of cable containment, brackets and supports.

Installation of LV /HV & instrument cables for the project

Installation of Power and DCS Modules.


Hazardous area work & provision of inspection documents.

Installation of data and metering equipment.

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