Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to provide products and services,which meet the customers’ specified contractual requirements, we do this with the of enhancing customer satisfaction.

The scope of the Quality Management System is ‘Mechanical-electrical maintenance and installation services’ The Quality Management System shall be established and maintained as per the requirements of ISO 9001 and all applicable requirements. G&M Mechanical and Electrical are committed to satisfying all compliance obligations

The system will set the required controls to ensure the Organisation operates as per the requirements of ISO 9001 and other requirements. The system will also enable the identification of continual improvements to service provision and related processes and procedures.

Objectives have been set in line with providing high quality service meeting customer requirements. This includes continual improvement of the competence of its people. These provisions will enable a high level of customer satisfaction. These are documented with the Quality Manual.

This Policy will be communicated internally through the internal training programme.

The Policy will be available to interested parties on request and is on display at the G&M Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd. Hoo Office.

Review of the Policy and Objectives will be undertaken, as a minimum annually, through the management review process.

Mark Cresswell Managing Director

G&M Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd.

5th May 2020

Date of next Review: 30/11/2021

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